Full-Service Machine Shop With Quality Manufacturing

Hefner Machine is a full-service machine shop in Hatfield, PA. It functions as a "Job Shop," manufacturing products from many different industries, as well as the private sector. Whether a customer needs a single part repaired, a prototype built, or to contract a high-quantity production run, Hefner Machine will produce a quality job delivered on time. Whether working off of a rough sketch or a worn-out part, Hefner Machine can use it to build a new part. We take pride in our quality and delivery record. Quality procedures are strictly enforced.

Precise & Accurate CNC Machining

Our CNC machining process maintains a strict adherence to margins, minimal waste, and increased production time. These reasons are why so many manufacturers and project managers choose Hefner Machine for their work orders. Our machine shop works to produce exactly the part or piece you need with efficiency and to the highest standards.

Your project deserves the best in the business, so call our machine shop today and schedule a work order to get the manufacturing process started. We know how to build what you need.


Certified ISO Company