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Hefner Machine & Tool, Inc. is a full service machine shop. It functions as a "Job Shop", manufacturing products from many different industries, as well as the private sector.

Whether a customer needs a single part repaired, a prototype built, or contract a high quantity production run, Hefner Machine & Tool will produce a quality job delivered on
time. If all the customer has is a rough sketch or a worn out part, Hefner Machine & Tool can use it to build a new one. Hefner Machine & Tool takes pride in it's quality and
delivery record. Quality procedures are strictly enforced.

Quality Mission Statement
Our goal at Hefner Machine & Tool is to provide innovative, consistent, high quality products that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements. Hefner Machine and Tool is
dedicated to continuous improvement in product quality. This includes a commitment to comply with the requirements and continually improve our Quality System.

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What's New at Hefner Machine & Tool, Inc?

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Please call us at 215-721-5900 or you can email us at mike@hefnermachine.com

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The standard in intelligent solids based manufacturing
  E2 Shop System
The Authority on Shop
Control Software
  National Tooling &
Machining Association
Serving manufacturing companies for 60 years


Hefner Machine & Tool, Inc.
430 Fairhill Road
Hatfield, PA 19440
Phone: 215-721-5900
Fax: 215-721-6600
Email: mike@hefnermachine.com